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Our Funds

Here are the different pockets of funds under the umbrella of Perham Area Foundation. 

Fund #1

Perham Area Community Fund

This is the general fund of Perham Area Foundation’s grant program. We provide financial support of projects which will improve the quality of life in and around the community of Perham, Minnesota.

 Fund #2

Wardale Estate

Perham Area Foundation received a $180,000 gift from the estate of John and Annie Wardale in 2011. The gift is to be used to improve the lives of domestic animals in the area.  

Fund #3

Baseball General Fund

The Perham Athletic Association operates under the umbrella of the Perham Area Foundation. The Association’s general funds are used to maintain the various baseball fields around Perham.

Fund #4

Baseball Endowment Fund

The earnings from the Baseball Endowment Fund are swept over to the Baseball General Fund to cover their operating expenses. 

Fund #5

Angel of Hope

The Angel of Hope Memorial Park is a healing place dedicated to children that have been lost. Perham Area Foundation assists in managing the Angel of Hope Park’s expenses through its designated fund. Visit the Park at 795 6th Avenue NE in Perham.

Fund #6

Endowment Fund

Perham Area Foundation’s Endowment Fund was established with matching funds from West Central Initiative. The earnings from the fund are swept into the general fund each year for our grant awards and scholarships.  

Fund #7

Deloris Barnack Kenner Fund

Perham Area Foundation received $150,000 to establish the Deloris Barnack Kenner Scholarship Fund for scholarships to PHS seniors who are planning to further their education after high school. 

Fund #8

Leave a Legacy Fund

Perham Area Foundation is the fiscal host for the Perham Area’s Leave a Legacy chapter. Members of the local chapter contribute funds to pay for collective marketing materials that are distributed to potential donors. 

Fund #9

Perham Pickleball Fund

The Perham Pickleball Fund operates under the Perham Area Foundation.  The funds collected will be used to build dedicated pickleball courts for the Perham community.

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