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Perham Area Foundation began in 1988 by three visionaries: Jon Staebler, Fred Huebsch, and Sherman Mandt. The donor driven community fund was initially established as a vehicle for raising funds for the Perham Area Community Center. 

Since then, we are proud to have acted as an operational catalyst for many local projects and non-profits to make the Perham area a better place to live. 

What Drives Us

Our mission is to improve the quality of life in and around the community of Perham, Minnesota. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Perham Area Foundation?

It is a community foundation with a mission to improve the quality of life in and around the community of Perham. 

How does the Foundation work?

The Perham Area Foundation operates in cooperation with the West Central Initiative Fund under the direction of a local advisory board of community directors. The Foundation receives donations from individuals, families, businesses, and charitable organizations. These funds are invested and managed by the WCIF and are available through a grant application process to meet the charitable needs of the community. 

Who benefits from PAF?

The citizens of the Perham area. The Perham Area Foundation will assist in the funding of activities that promote cultural, educational, environmental, and economic development programs in the Perham area. 

How can I give?

There are easy ways to give. Donors can establish a fund, contribute to our unrestricted Perham Area Community Fund or take advantage of the Foundation’s wide range of planning/deferred gift opportunities. The Foundation accepts a variety of assets including:

  • cash gifts
  • stocks and securities
  • mutual funds
  • IRAs
  • life insurance
  • real estate
  • assets of other trusts of a private foundation

Our Advisory Board Members

Rich Doll


Alan Krueger

Vice President

Rachel Lustila


Robb Moser


Brenda Thompson


Butch Burns


Ken Krajsa


Trevor Semann


West Central Initiative

Component Fund

Perham Area Foundation is a component fund of West Central Initiative Fund. Component funds allow advisor committees to focus on the charitable need and leave the administrative tasks to WCI. This partnership ensures that local needs are met and all financial transactions meet state and federal guidelines. Along with these community-based funds are business funds, family trust funds, and some organizational funds.

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